• Finakpo' (Summer) 2023 and Fanuchånan (Fall) 2023 课程安排s now available!
  • 工程学院教学楼
  • 工程学院教学楼
  • 6 reasons to take courses over the summer and intersession
  • 可以亲自或虚拟预约. 虚拟数学导师变焦室接受预约. 面向所有专业本科生开放. 点击了解更多. 
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  • 一个由学生为学生经营的辅导资源. 可以亲自或虚拟预约. 面向所有专业学生开放. 点击了解更多. 


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    作为UOG的第一之父,工程院长博士. 今年是他的最后一年

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    UOG engineering student invited to data science program for Pacific Islanders

  • Aaron and Benjamin Rouse recently updated a life-saving measure for miners in Alaska and beyond

    Former UOG Engineering Students Create Life-Saving Technology for Miners

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